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This traditional approach was criticized by the other candidates, who hoped to win the nomination from popular support.Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June 1968, leaving Mc Carthy as his only opponent, until the 1968 Democratic National Convention, when Senator George Mc Govern of South Dakota ran as the successor of Kennedy.Even before Mc Carthy's entrance, Johnson grew concerned about a challenge.

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He also lobbied for endorsements from powerful bosses within the Democratic Party, which provided him with necessary delegates.Humphrey won the party's nomination at the Convention on the first ballot, amid riots in Chicago.He selected little-known Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine as his running mate.As Vice President, Humphrey oversaw turbulent times in America, including race riots and growing frustration and anger over the large number of casualties in the Vietnam War.President Johnson's popularity had plummeted as the election grew closer.He served two, two-year terms, and gained a reputation as an anti-Communist and ardent supporter of the Civil Rights Movement.


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