550 validating sender outlook

So if you wanna be safe, do something like the image in this faq: https://suporte.icewarp.c...-ler-logs-do-anti-spam So: - Your connections per min is too low. because this blocks an IP in case of x failed attempts, so imagine, you can block an entire company if they use same OUT IP because of 1 user putting wrong pwd... Thats 1 of the main feature, it blocks dictionary attachs, if over x invalid receipients, block for x minutes and enable cross session and close connections. The idea with this feature is to avoid people sending HUGE files to yoru customers. ITs because SMTP (not ESMTP) has to receive entire message before knowing size.

So if your system is receiving (from out to IN) a msg over x megabytes, block user's IP.

2) DNSBLs - I also add barracuda blacklist (bl.barracudacentral.org) but you have to register to it and also use bl. Dont use more then 4 lists total (considering here in spamassassin/DNSBLs). 3) Intrusion: I like to use it in a way to avoid my customers being tarpitted...

actually, nowadays I use it as a spam trap system :) See Anyways if users authenticate SMTP, most of these thing dont occur to legit users, EXCEPT # of connections per minute and RSET (as many clients keep forcing RSETs if for example they get some error). I dont use this, if I would, I would keep high value.

Every time I try to test his account and send a test email message I get the ol 550 Access denied helo error.

Now I've tried going into account settings and checking the box for SMTP authentication.

Thanks Hi, To set a daily limit in accounts, you can go to your domain (or all of them using shift or or templates), LIMITS tab and set in the Users section Max msgs out per day to 500 lets say. BTW if this option is greyed out, enable use user limits in global settings.

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The user can receive emails; she just can't send any. A “550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name” SMTP error usually occurs when the SMTP Domain configured as part of an email sender’s identity does not match the senders email address.See: Our FAQ in portuguese, you can run it in google translator: https://suporte.icewarp.c...pam-ocorridos-via-smtp Some tips: 1) Disable POP before SMTP. So for example, an employee is travelling, its very common for hotels, etc.to block port 25 or force them to use the Hotel's SMTP.The computer the new user is using has OS7 home edition on it and is running Outlook 2007.The computer that I'm using which successfully added him is a Windows 7 Professional and uses Outlook 2010.So I'm trying to set up a new user's account on Outlook.


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