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Diplo and Camila Cabello came together for an adorable snuggly reunion at i Heart Radio Fiesta Latina: Celebrating Our Heroes on Saturday (Nov. The two friends, who previously collaborated on Major Lazer’s “Know No Better,” both performed at the Miami benefit concert.

It featured tributes to various communities affected by the natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, Texas & more.

They released their debut single 'Technicolor,' with an accompanying music video Jardine resides in Liberty, New York, while the rest of her family live in Florida.

You could definitely tell they were boyfriend and girlfriend.” And apparently her We Are the In Crowd bandmates weren’t there.In 2009, Jardine joined studio project, The In Crowd.The other members of the project were Jordan Eckes (vocals and guitar), Mike Ferri (bass), and Rob Chianelli (drums).It is an anthem that starts off the journey of an incredible album.‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ is definitely the biggest track on the album, it forces its way in to your ears with an aggressive guitar riff as soon as the preceding track has finished; and will keep you listening as the band show how much they have grown since their last record.As Jardine sings about looking out for yourself and living how you want to live, “Hang on, be strong, long live the kids in us all”.


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