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Conservation of iron metabolism genes across Wolbachia suggests iron homeostasis as a potential factor in its success.

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If you are interested in obtaining the letters for a reunion, please contact Mrs. Even the nearest Wolbachia outgroups amongst the Rickettsiales (e.g., Ehrlichia and Anaplasma) are highly specialized pathogens, separated from Wolbachia with long branches, making it difficult to resolve the ancestral state of this group or polarize the model of major transitions between parasitism and mutualism.A related long-standing challenge has been a lack of taxonomic sampling at the root of this clade.We sequenced and analyzed the genome of a new Wolbachia strain (w Ppe) in the plant-parasitic nematode Pratylenchus penetrans.Phylogenomic analyses placed w Ppe as the earliest diverging Wolbachia, suggesting two evolutionary invasions into nematodes.The success of Wolbachia arises from a wide array of transmission-enhancing phenotypes, including feminization, male killing, parthenogenesis induction, cytoplasmic incompatibility, and varying degrees of metabolic mutualism.


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