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Tour the Kinsey Institute This is a museum of controversial sex research that is right on campus, it might send a message but not necessarily one they want to receive. Kirkwood Observatory Open to the public and no reservations required to gaze up at the beautiful, and might I add romantic, starry night sky.

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As the story goes, if you kiss them there at midnight they will be your love forever. What could be more romantic than listening to your favorite radio station? one or two things – but listening while on your way to one of the above activities could quite possibly get you a second date!

Ever want to take that pretty girl or dreamy boy from your finite class on a nice night on the town but your pocket money is running a bit low?

Don’t worry that your budding love life will fade away, WIUX has you covered.

Here are some great places to take dates when on a budget that are sure to impress.

IU Cinema Is your special someone interested in art films or music documentaries?


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