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I got to thinking I could prob take a few phone sex calls in there and show you just what kind of orgasms I have. If so, speak up, give me a call and tell me so we can set something up, hehe.

Have you ever had phone sex in a pool or hot tub before?

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Call 1-888-31-HONEY and ask for Shelby for a fresh phone sex experience.

One thing I’ve learned about me is that I’m a crazy kinky girl.

I’ll try anything once, and naughtier it is, the wetter it makes me get.

Or think about this: Your hands grazing over my incredible body, over firm, supple breasts…go ahead, play with my hard nipples, they’re just the right size if you want me to push them together real tight so you can show them proper appreciation with the best titty fuck you’ve ever had. Call 1 8 and ask for Shelby I love older men and older men love me during school girl phone sex.

Or you can move down a little lower, to my flat little tummy…hey, that tickles! The ones who watch me when I walk to school and wish they could have a girl like me.


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