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Scammers may be looking for inappropriate relationships by pretending to be someone they are not but in most cases, scammers are looking for ways to con chat room participants out of money.

Scammers preying on members of chat websites are clever.

Understand that you have already identified yourself as the type of person we do NOT want in our chat rooms, why should we be in a hurry to take a ban off for you breaking our rules? A: You must be 18, have a good knowledge of how Chat works, and be willing to give at least 6 hours of your time a week.

Q: Why does Chathog not allow some words that are allowed by other places?

Chat websites provide a convenient way to meet new friends or talk with people who have similar hobbies or interests.

Unfortunately, the anonymity of the Internet draws scammers who like to pretend they are someone they are not.

Microsoft makes no representations or warranties regarding the merchandise, manufacturers or compatibility of the merchandise depicted or described.

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Please use common sense and remember that free chat sites are a privilege.The Certified for Windows Server logo demonstrates that a server system meets Microsoft’s highest technical bar for security, reliability and manageability; and with other certified devices and drivers, it can support the roles, features and interfaces for Cloud and Enterprise workloads, as well as business critical applications.Merchandise pictures and descriptions are provided by the manufacturers of the merchandise.Just a quick note reminding people to kindly disconnect from the server when you are finished chatting.Each day, thousands of people are refused access because the server has reached its capacity.Please close the applet, when you are finished chatting, so that another person may access the rooms.


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