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The mechanism of marriage by abduction varies by location.This article surveys the phenomenon by region, drawing on common cultural factors for patterns, but noting country-level distinctions.She sat and spoke to Lebanese, Tunisian, Dagestan, Syrian women who had French, Malaysian, Tunisian and Turkish husbands.One woman, a Lebanese wife, said her husband had a sex slave app on his phone where he and his fellow jihadis share pictures of captured women all tabbed up with a price ranging from ,000 to ,000 for a virgin. They were sharing photos of the sex slaves with the best make-up.But their stories did not add up with some wives admitted helping imprisoned sex slaves escape - not to help the trapped women - but because they were jealous their husbands were raping them.Some of the husbands beheaded ISIS victims, but their wives insisted it was nothing to do with them because they were merely sat on the sofa minding their children.Though the motivations behind bride kidnapping vary by region, the cultures with traditions of marriage by abduction are generally patriarchal with a strong social stigma on sex or pregnancy outside marriage and illegitimate births.In some modern cases, the couple collude together to elope under the guise of a bride kidnapping, presenting their parents with a fait accompli.

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According to some sources, the honeymoon is a relic of marriage by capture, based on the practice of the husband going into hiding with his wife to avoid reprisals from her relatives, with the intention that the woman would be pregnant by the end of the month.

This conflicts with the interests of men, who want to marry early, as marriage means an increase in social status, and the interests of the groom's family, who will gain another pair of hands for the family farm, business or home.

Depending on the legal system under which she lives, the consent of the woman may not be a factor in judging the validity of the marriage.

In most cases, however, the men who resort to capturing a wife are often of lower social status, because of poverty, disease, poor character or criminality.

In agricultural and patriarchal societies, where bride kidnapping is most common, children work for their family.


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