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Whether it’s the way you hold your gun, the way you enter a building, or what do I do with my gun when I’m in a different country. Sometimes I’ve to cover it with my T-shirt, sometimes I can wear my gun, sometimes I can’t at all, so there are a lot of things like that we learn on set.Most challenging thing is probably all the different locations.Staff meaning the CG (Computer Graphics) people.- The silver annotations are the captions that pop up during the video.-- The red is dialogue. Besides being generously, he’s also honest (as attested by the Super Junior members), so we reckon he’d make quite the faithful lover.(but if he can capture Suzy’s heart, he must be something. That aside, he wrote the awfully romantic hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” based on his personal experience, so we reckon he’s quite the sweetheart when it comes to love. Choi Siwon Features Writer Clara’s choice Can you smell the money? Siwon his known for his gentlemanly ways, so he’ll defo make a good partner—if we can get used to his jet-setting schedule, that is.()15. ODigital Writer Hidayah’s choice The EXO vocalist is not only known for his good looks, but has also been lauded by fellow celebs for being polite, considerate and hardworking. It’s easy to just dismiss this ridiculously good-looking actor as just another pretty face.Of course, it doesn’t hurt that being born to an ethnic Korean mother and American father of British descent has helped land him roles looking to cast an Asian American.

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When Esquire Korea called Daniel Henney the “next best thing”, fans beg to differ, saying instead he is the “ONLY THING”.Everyday we’re driving towards the desert; we’re driving to the Harbour Marina, so I’ve filled probably 5,000 miles in the past 6 months in Los Angeles because we have to try find these places that would suit these locations that takes place around the world and the set staff does an amazing job. We’ve been in a draught for the past few years in LA, yet they found the wettest jungle to shoot in.So that’s the challenge of the show – it’s just making it real.(chuckles) The systems are every different.Not that I don’t feel that in the US but there’s just something in Asia that brings people very close to each other, whereas in the US it’s a business.So you punch in and you punch out, you have your parking space, you go to work. It’s shocking when you see all the nominated actors were Caucasians this year, so you have to step back sometimes and ask yourself the question: the other movies like “Creed”, whether it merits getting a nomination? The thing for me that’s been frustrating is, in the US it has become so much about black and white, but what about Asians?This was taped & aired last month but the subtitled videos just came out about a week ago.notes from the uploader: - Not all the captions/bubbles that pop up in Korean are translated but the dialogue is.


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