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Twenty-six per cent said they opposed it, 22 per cent had no preference and 11 per cent thought it would be a waste of time because the practice already exists, Kazinform found.“Tokalism has started to become noticeable,” said Ms Ileuova.“That’s in part because 50 per cent of the population is poor.”Samal said she does not need expensive handbags or fancy cars – but if she is going to give up looking for true love, it better be worth it.As all women, Kazakhstan women want security and stability in their married life.It is not a secret that the life is difficult in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries.Even though I had been to Russia several times......I would gladly recommend your agency to any man who is serious about finding a special lady to spend his life with.That gap is fuelling a revival of polygamy, which has become a status symbol for affluent men and a ticket out of poverty for young women.The practice of taking more than one wife flourished in this Central Asian nation for centuries, first as part of its nomadic culture and later under Islamic sharia law, until the Bolsheviks outlawed it in 1921.

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A poll published last year by the state-owned news service Kazinform found that 41 per cent of Kazakhstan’s 17 million people favoured legalising polygamy.When reading the profiles of Kazakhstan women, you may see one of the requirements for their future husbands is to be financially secure. It means that you need to have a stable job and to be a good provider to the family.A Kazakhstan woman does not expect to receive as much as possible from her man, first of all, she needs to be loved and to be protected.Kazakhstan women are different than western women, because they enjoy their femininity.Most Kazakhstan women are submissive their men, For a Kazakhstan lady a husband is the head of the family and should be treated like this.When you are in Russia or in Ukraine, you may see a lot of attractive and sexy young girls and women, whose femininity is beyond comparison.


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