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Find out what the Boxer Rebellion had to do with Crazy Quilting today!

(Click here for some pictures) Mountain Mist Quilts, a division of Stearns & Foster Co, patented the pattern on the wrapper and helped to standardize quilts and quiltmaking in the early part of the twentieth century.

Bring your old blocks and work on sashing, setting and designing your quilt top.

The second section will cover ways to display single blocks or small groups using archival techniques.

In this two-part workshop, learn how to use old blocks and new fabrics to create and "Old Block New Quilt".

We'll discuss testing fabrics for use, solving problems of styles, borders and backings.

Find out what clues quilt historians and researchers use to identify and date antique quilts and fabrics.

Learn about color, style and trends in quilting and how to apply them to quilts you see.

Each kit contains patterns, instructions and fabric for 3 blocks. Crazy Talk: The Language of Crazy Quilts During the height of the Crazy Quilt fad, young women were using symbols in both flowers and figures to convey their thoughts and wishes.

We'll discuss washing, testing colors and fabrics; quilt care and storage, and how to properly document your quilts for your future family generation.

Click on the thumbnail to the right to see the detail of a Bethlehem Star quilt, 3rd quarter 19th century, made in Florence, TX by Nancy Lindsey.

Writing sentiments will be a part of the class based on types used in 19 century blocks.

Patterns and instructions for 4 blocks will be provided.


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