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After the mark is published, there will then be a three-month opposition period.If no opposition is filed within that period, the application will mature into registration.China grants trademark protection to foreign nationals based on an international treaty. China is a signatory to the World Trade Organization ("WTO") and the Paris Convention, Madrid Convention, Nice Classification, Vienna Convention, Trademark Law Treaty, and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ("TRIPS").Owners of unregistered famous marks may bring oppositions or cancellations for previously registered marks, based on Articles 13, 30, and 41 of the Trademark Law.The certificate will then be issued and the mark will be published in the Trademark Gazette again as a registered mark.Back To Top The term of protection is ten years from the date the registration is granted.Back To Top Use of a trademark by the registrant or his registered licensee is mandatory.

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Back To Top Any visual sign, or combinations of thereof, capable of distinguishing the goods or services of a natural person, legal person, or organization, from the goods of others, including words, figures, letters, numerals, three-dimensional signs, and combinations of colors, are eligible for registration as a trademark.Trademark owners must apply separately for registration of a mark in each class in which it is to be used.Back To Top A trademark applicant must file an application with the China Trademark Office.Normally, the Trademark Office renders a decision within 18 months after it receives all supporting documents.If the application is approved, the mark will be published in the China Trademark Gazette.The trademark may be renewed for an additional ten year term within six months before the expiration date of the mark's present term.


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