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A review on Trip Advisor written by a woman named Amy W talks about the lack of any sort of proper checks when she went to see Ed Sheeran last month.John Atkinson, 26, has also been named as one of the victims.Meanwhile, it has emerged that a woman who went to see Ed Sheeran perform at the arena last month had complained about the worrying lack of security.Today concert goers slammed the 'lax' security at the arena, and accused security of being 'more interested in whether we were carrying bottles of water' than checking for weapons.However, The Daily Beast reports a security guard may have actually stopped the attacker from entering the main arena - potentially saving hundreds of lives.The suicide bomber who killed 22 people in a terror attack in Manchester allegedly walked straight into the arena's foyer 'unchecked' before detonating his device.


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    We had a budget of 0, which due to a few kind people, went up to 0. I thought that was a great idea, because I worried that T would be overwhelmed, and I knew that S would be a calming presence, and dilute any attention on T that could make her feel pressured. About her mum, about the lies, about how hard it is learning how to be a normal teenager. She’s a really tall person, with a lovely big body, and she’s so self conscious. We met S and went into the bra shop – a really discomfiting place for a kid like that to be.