Dating girl bad laugh

There’s nothing sexier than a funny girl because – of all the personality traits you could look for in a girl – why wouldn’t you strive for the one that keeps you smiling the most? Here are nine reasons why you should always date the girl who can make you laugh.When you meet a witty girl, it’s hard not to recognize how smart she is behind her big smile.Anyone who’s ever tried telling a joke at a dinner party has probably felt a glimmer of pressure, before having a go at it. A good sense of humor shows courage in social situations – and confidence in oneself.

Regardless of what they’re wearing, or what filter they choose to drown out their Instagram photos, women with senses of humor always will capture your attention – whenever they feel like it.

She forces you to think, and the ability to provoke thought – even through humor – proves that she’s aware of things, and not just another close-minded product of our generation.

It’s almost impossible to grow bored of a girl who forces you to think.

There are some girls who live and die by their physical appearance.

While, sure, you might throw them eyes from across the room – often, when you finally find the balls to approach to them – you realize they were more desirable to look at than to speak to.


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