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The description basically gives you the basic spoils of the set and if you're just feeling in the mood for something soft, I would say this is pretty nice to listen to.

I bought it mostly for the whispers and ear nibbles, but you'll definitely get better treatment than that.

Personally, I felt somewhat like the game had returned to its roots as it seemed to possess the craftsmanship quality of the first.

Unlike the ungodly hard searching of the first game, this game is like the third in that you have a set place to go when rescuing a captured magical girl. It brings back a character that i was really hoping to see improvements made with in Rutsu.

Although I'd never bought anything from them, aodouhu certainly knows how to throw down a great product.

The images are black and white, but the detail is so high that there doesn't need to be any color added.

Peniban Quest: Sacrifice to Domina, while another rather standard RPG Maker game, is still one of the best games I've played ever since Monster Girl Quest some years ago.

I have yet to stumble upon any other game that is femdom from beginning to end.

The developers were really committed to this idea, as it seems every female NPC you can interact with has a low opinion of males and there are scenes your character and companions can witness of males being dominated which was a good touch.

I, as of writing this review, haven't listened to the whole track list yet, cause I'm scared for my life..if you're a fan of vore, I think you'll like this.

Overall, this is REALLY one of those voice dramas where you're here for the story...

Once you've corrupted her on each of the starting scenes.

Each time you exit a scene a certain event can trigger with voiced over CG, though some of them seem a bit random when they show up.


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