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Now I know where I am going to end my kudos—with my caregiver and life partner, Laura. What could possibly go wrong during our adventure to Machu Picchu? Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging. I wasn’t worried about the paddling part—my arms can crank. And then, on the edge of a tiny lake in Colorado Springs six hours from home, my celebrity doomed me. Predictably, I got in mentions of beer and Cheetos, poked fun at an entire swath of MSers (sorry if you are one of them), and liberally used the word bejesus. And, unfortunately, so will poor Laura and the 5-foot-nothing Panamanian MS nurse who had to prop up my lifeless body. You know what I’m talking about—a scooter for the zoo, or the mall, or on a trip, or perhaps a trek to Costco when all the store’s electric carts are taken. I discovered the hard way, the ONE item your NEVER want to use for support. My recent Spain odyssey was epic in more ways than one. Read my latest blog here about the experience, complete with nearly running into a pack of Olympians. For over a half decade, I’ve given the keynote address at my regional Bike MS.

Well, other than basically everything due to my multiple sclerosis? Turns out it can be challenging for even professional athletes. Our own resident pro Kelly Williamson has put together an honest and compelling conversation on exercise motivation. Novelist Jane Bow was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis at 56. But the getting in part, the staying upright part, the getting out part, and the whole not drowning part were an issue. NEW BLOGDepression is frightfully common in multiple sclerosis, so much so that about half of those with the disease will have at least one major episode. As Cathleen Julian explains, MS depression is a different animal. Last month, if my count is correct, I had my 20th MRI. NEW BLOGThe other day, Everyday Health asked me to write a guest column about why I started Active MSers. It’s just that I only want to date my scooter right now, nothing serious or permanent. And that requirement narrows the dating pool drastically. At the conclusion of an exhaustive month-long review of cooling vests, Active MSers uncovers the players and the also-rans, testing the best cooling vests on the market today. When you’ve got an annoyingly pesky disease like multiple sclerosis, some of life’s pleasures become a touch more complicated to enjoy properly. Walking aids like canes and forearm crutches suffer in the deep sand. PT Herb Karpatkin sees MS as a disease of mobility. When you have multiple sclerosis, adapting is the name of the game or you'll get trampled. For the first time in more than half a decade, I spent the afternoon on the bike trail. This 5-minute video concludes my Hope series about my experience in a potentially groundbreaking clinical trial for multiple sclerosis.

For me, rising to such an occasion in Santorini was a bit more literal.

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This article, which first appeared on Healthline, is a must read and will help you get over even the steepest exercise hump. But new research published at the American Academy of Neurology’s 2017 conference in Boston shed light on an exercise routine and its potential benefit to MSers. , the publication of the American Academy of Neurology and largest Neurology magazine in the world, interviewed yours truly on participating in clinical trials. You'll even read about my successful quest to use underarm deodorant again.FULL REVIEW., is a resource to help people with multiple sclerosis understand how they can keep their brains as healthy as possible and request the highest possible standard of care from healthcare professionals.This guide and the report were authored by an international group of people with insight into the reality of living with MS, including my MS bud George Pepper from Warning: When multiple sclerosis optic neuritis strikes, ahem, you never see it coming. Willing yourself to cope with uncooperative eyesight.So Active MSers has put together the most comprehensive review and comparison of multiple sclerosis cooling vests (sometimes called ice vests) on the web. Poles can be a huge asset and better than any traditional cane. In her original 2008 article for Active MSers she outlined detailed plans that would keep her kayaking, her obsession. My latest blog is a trio of humorous bathroom situations I stumbled into on a recent visit to Northern Europe. I mean, it would take me nine full record-setting days to accomplish a single marathon, which apparently any remotely athletic Kenyan can run in under three hours. And it’s the topic of my inspirational essay, which was recently featured on the popular websites Inspire Me Today and Care2 Active MSers has collected the abstracts of more than 40 exercise-related multiple sclerosis studies. Researchers have found that the answers are a resounding yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! What are our favorite gifts for the person with multiple sclerosis? Erin Mulvany, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004, Bending the Spoon Theory. There are a number of reasons not to take disease modifying drugs for your multiple sclerosis. And one relates to a kitchen sink (with garbage disposal, not shown). As I sat in a tippy wooden dory deep in the Amazon rainforest—dripping wet with sweat, DEET, and the remnants of a sudden afternoon shower—I couldn’t help but wonder about the wisdom of my decision to spend an afternoon fishing. Just a few years later he was hiking the fabled Inca Trail high in the Peruvian mountains. He could barely walk, much less write his own name. Multiple sclerosis can royally muck up the best-laid vacation plans. Read how you, too, can guarantee a great trip (almost) every time regardless of your disability. Having just returned from a European vacation, I acquired a whole new level of appreciation for the American's with Disabilities Act... Here are my newest travel horror tales, starting with the toilet you see here. Forget about what you can’t do – do whatever you can to keep moving." So says a defiant Ashlea Deahl, the editor of Phoenix Magazine who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001 at the age of 22. Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable beast that can be as mild as a green pepper or as spicy as a Naga Jolokia, the world's hottest chile pepper. Facing my first major relapse in over two and a half years, I should have been more prepared.Click here for our advice on the best cooling systems on the market today so you can make an educated decision. In her 2014 update, she reports that those plans have only gathered dust. WARNING: Do not read with a full bladder, because you will laugh so hard, well, you can put two and two together. But with multiple sclerosis doing a number on my legs, it’s cause for a minor celebration. After personally using all of these myself, I’d say these are the best presents. Reaching my kneecaps and maybe—maybe—touching my shins (if I cheated and bent my knees) was my elasticity Everest. There’s a popular description of having a disability that makes its way eventually onto every multiple sclerosis discussion board on the internet: the Spoon Theory, Christine Miserandino’s personal story and analogy of what it is like to live with a disease (lupus in her case). Today, at age 47, he is working at qualifying for the most grueling Ironman in the world. Her motivating story about controlling her MS, fighting through fatigue, and "running" her first marathon should be a mandatory read for MSers. So when faced with an opportunity, well, read what I did by clicking here. Margaret Finelt has run six marathons, two after her MS diagnosis, and she is training for her seventh. But sometimes you just can't prepare for the unpredictability that is multiple sclerosis. Active MSer Susannah Wright was diagnosed five years ago with MS at the age of 35.But like wolfing down 12 dogs, it is going to hurt. It wasn’t an epic ride—the 20 mile mark still manages to elude me—but I put in a solid 13 miles over a couple of hours, decently impressive on an arm trike in 90-degree heat. Our resident pro triathlete Kelly Williamson explains. In a sweeping new MS study, researchers find that resistance training seems to have a neuroprotective or even neuroregenerative effect in relapsing-remitting MS.


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