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The procedure is designed to be as student-friendly as possible and you can easily get independent help from the Student Advice Centre and the Secretary to the Student Discipline Committee, Mr David Wolfe (tel. While they are responsible for pursuing the case for the University, the Registrar, Mr John Town, (tel.

Trump's words: “We got 306 because people came out and voted like they’ve never seen before so that’s the way it goes. Bill Clinton won 370 votes in 1992 and 379 in 1996, and Barack Obama won with 365 votes in 2008.At this point, the student and any accompanying individual together with Registrar or nominee leave the meeting and the panel considers its decision alone, advised by the Secretary.The decision, with the panel's reasons, will be provided in writing within 3 working days but it is usually notified verbally at the earliest opportunity. If the Panel decides against the student, he/she is notified of their right of appeal. The Ordinance lists possible grounds for appeal in 3.(iv)(d).They may call witnesses and question both their own and the University's witnesses.The procedure is as follows, though with the student's agreement it may be simplified where a student admits the offence: Para 3(ii)(g) and 3(iii)(a) of the Ordinance.Any appeal, including a clear statement of the grounds for the appeal and any supporting documentation must be made to the Secretary of the Student Discipline Committee, Mr Chris Dunbobbin (tel. The appeal is heard by the Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee, but anyone who had any previous involvement with the case is excluded.


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