Exclusive dating services ireland

This means that you will not be entitled to cancel your membership within the 'cooling off' period." The NCA confirmed that the cooling-off period may not apply to online dating.

"The seven-day cooling-off period excludes services which have begun with a consumer's consent before the end of that period," said a spokeswoman.

I have been on 3 great dates and the last one was the best!

They may be among the best paid in Ireland – but even TDs can't buy love.

Otherwise, it costs €51 for a three-monthly subscription (€204 a year) or €22.99 a month for a monthly subscription (€275.88 a year).

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Another issue to be aware of with online dating relates to "cooling-off" periods.Under this offer, €47.85 will automatically be taken out of your card at the end of the third day of your trial membership and at the end of every month after that until you cancel. Another thing to be aware of with online dating is that your subscription usually automatically rolls over – so you'll have to pay for another subscription unless you cancel a few days before it expires.As well as offering annual and monthly subscriptions, offers a three-month premium subscription for €54.75.So if you are so carried away by the prospect of finding true love that you don't bother to read the small print of the trial – and you don't notice your card is being hit with a €24.95 charge every month – you could inadvertently end up paying almost €300 a year.If you sign up for a three-day trial of anotherfriend.com's premium plus membership plan, you'll pay even more if you don't cancel on time.When you buy something online, you can usually cancel your order within seven days of receiving your goods – without having to give a reason for the cancellation. However, with online dating, you're usually not covered by a "cooling off" period and reputable sites will make you aware of this.


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