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With that, it’s settled: She’ll head to prom with Albert.This scene was filmed on April 6, 2017." data-reactid="153"Conveniently, Jordyn has Albert’s mom’s phone number, so she and Kylie Face Time her.I would’ve even been satisfied if Kylie were seen leaving the event in a rush, making Stassi believe the duo’s friendship was truly done, when in reality Kylie was still dealing with an upset stomach after eating too many Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets the night before.Scene 3:" data-reactid="151"Scene 3: According to Kylie, her fans reach out to her all the time, with the No. Because she gets so many requests, and since she’s never been to a school dance, Kylie wants to make her prom dream come true and surprise a fan in the process.As is customary for side characters in the Kardashian universe, Jordyn becomes the mouthpiece for Kylie’s production team and tells her about a teenager named Albert who needs a date to circulated around the Sacramento area that he was turned down by his date just days before the dance.) As Albert’s mom tells Kylie Albert’s story of being abandoned by his father and feeling like an outcast at school, Kylie coos, “Oh, I love Albert,” and says she has a soft spot for the outcast because she once was one.She also points out that most people have a hard time relating to a celebrity like her — this makes her still feel like an outcast, just in a different way.Then I assume Kylie would cry out to Victoria, commanding her to send the boxes to Tyga’s new spot and possibly make fun of him not being able to come up with this month’s rent money on his own." data-reactid="171"On April 6, news broke that Tyga officially moved out of Kylie’s home following their breakup.

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Before beginning to look for a prom dress, Kylie talks about posting a selfie and how hard it is.Kylie wants to force herself to take the car out, but she just can’t seem to do it.Jordyn thinks the Lambo is fine, and the two decide that the car is definitely a boy, not a dogs run out at the exact time this conversation gets to be terribly unbearable.She cites the pressures of crafting the perfect image that will yield enough positive comments for her to keep it up and not “delete that shit” immediately.filmed on April 7, 2017." data-reactid="174"After delivering her lesson, she heads to try on gowns.Who knows if she’s found it yet; we’ll just have to wait and see!


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