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David Loretta is a Senior Business Consultant at Canada Startups and an avid fan of camping in the Great Canadian Outdoors.Email him your questions about starting up or expanding your business.Highly recommended combo.” —Antonio Cangiano, software engineer, IBM “The author is clearly an expert at the Ruby language and the Rails framework, but more than that, he is a working software engineer who introduces best practices throughout the text.” —Greg Charles, senior software developer, Fairway Technologies “Overall, [Hartl’s] video tutorials should be a great resource for anyone new to Rails.” —Michael Morin, ruby.“Hands-down, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to get into Ruby on Rails development.” —Michael Crump, Microsoft MVP Michael Hartl is a best-selling author and the founder of the Softcover self-publishing platform.His prior experience includes writing and developing Rails Space, an extremely obsolete Rails tutorial book, and developing Insoshi, a once-popular and now-obsolete social networking platform in Ruby on Rails. in Physics from Caltech, and is an alumnus of the Y Combinator entrepreneur program.Through DC Nightowls, my after-hours community group for self-starters, I attended a White House Social Innovation Summit with prominent not-for-profit businesses and B corporations in 2012.

I'm most proud of the DC ACM team that I've led or have been a part of, as we produced presentations, dinners, and workshops with prominent leaders in the field, from Vint Cerf, to Simson Garfinkel, Larry Davis, and Richard Stallman.

This is the book I direct all my friends to who want to start learning programming/building stuff. ” —Prakhar Srivastav, software engineer,, Kuwait “It doesn’t matter what you think you will be developing with in the future or what the framework du jour is; if you want to learn how to build something, there is no better place to start than with this tutorial.

And for all the ‘non-technical’ people out there who want to see their ideas come to life, who are considering hiring contractors, paying for a class, or ‘founder dating’ in the search for a technical co-founder: stop. Forget about your idea for a short while and immerse yourself in this tutorial to learn what it takes to put something together.

The major things that every small business owner, or startup entrepreneur must have include: The Idea, the drive and the right tools.

The best we can do on the first two is give you some reading materials, and recommend the help from Canada but for the tools and resources portion we’ve got you covered.


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