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Results from other games played in round six are as follows: Friday, March 14 Cayo Western Ballaz 83Vs Toledo Diplomats 54 Belize City (Smart) No Limit 73Vs Belmopan Bandits 56 Saturday, March 15 Corozal Heats 80 Vs Orange Walk Running Rebels 79 National AIDS Commission Community Outreach Event On Saturday, March 15, 2014, the National AIDS Commission (NAC) /Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Island Committee along with PASMO carried out a community outreach event.Flashbacks: Making San Pedro The Number One Island in The World This gentleman is standing on the street between Fidos and Manellys Building and as you look beyond there is the Lions Den and Island Plaza. Even farther down is Pete Salazars home and the office of Petes Enterprises, and Malaks Hardware Store and Travelers to the left.So that’s an ongoing cost that comes along with it.In terms of giving young people information to make informed decisions is not an option; that’s their right.

Gary Francisco was the player of the game, obtaining 22 points for the visiting team.Chit Chat – a program executed by Belize Family Life Association since 2013.It connects curious youths with accurate and age-appropriate sexual reproductive health information using technology.The event was successful reaching and providing information for a diverse group of people including thirty (30) people that were tested.Not our most successful in terms of amount of tests, however that is thirty (30) more individuals that are educated and know their status and we hope they encourage their friends, that by its self is a massive success, stated Dennis Craft, Chairperson of the NAC/CCM Island Committee.Melanie Montero “It has been responding quite well to a lot of the gaps that we have in the health system in terms of accessing information and knowledge about specific services.


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