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It continued to exist as an extension of the gym until 1968 when Coleman Coliseum was built.The Department of Kinesiology is now located within the building which recently underwent renovations, including adding a connection to Little Hall, in 2012.What, if any, opportunities do you think there are right now in the world of real estate and tiny houses?How successful do you think RV parks converted into tiny house communities would be? Is it More of a DIY Trend with Little to No Opportunity for Developers, etc.?

Paul says he was most surprised by former allies Alex Ow and Jason Dent’s votes go to Josh, as well as sworn enemy Cody Nickson’s vote.“I didn't think there would be anything on planet Earth sitting next to Josh that Cody would vote for,” he jokes. If they didn't want to vote for me, that's on them. Just to keep the ongoing joke running, I just want to win second place forever.The for profit communities to serve professionals, business owners, college students, and retirees. I am very much in favor of small housing…just not sure we have created the right product to serve the workforce year round and in conformance with codes.Wouldnt it be great to have a subdivision of small lots and small houses with some communal amenities? Non-Profit vs For-Profit Communities What do you think about for-profit and non-profit communities? Do You Think the Opportunity in Tiny Housing Developments is Real?In 1935 Moore Hall was constructed as an addition to Little Hall and was adjoined to the main building by a short portico.As an addition to the boy's gymnasium, it did not have a name of its own until 1975 when it was dedicated in honor of Albert Burton Moore, a history professor and first dean of the Graduate School.A popular, good-natured sitcom about a widower raising three kids with the help of two friends, one a stand-up comic and the other an aspiring musician.


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