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Its manager Hazel Allen confirmed the famous guesthouse had hosted the wedding and described it as “fabulous”.The couple have been dating for several years and Gabriel has described US filmmaker Hannah Beth as “lovely, intelligent, and beautiful, absolutely beautiful”."From my experience, I'd never seen a series that dealt with the secret emotional lives of men," the Irish actor says."You don't get to hear what they're thinking." Inspired by the candor of Sex and the City and, ironically, women's magazines, Byrne wanted to do a show that "projected the way [I] felt about the world." The charismatic 50-year-old says that Madigan Men is an attempt to explore men's feelings about sex and relationships.

"Also, the idea of meeting him at George's wedding was so romantic." As Us reported earlier this month, human rights lawyer Emmerson, 51, proposed to Barkin over the holidays, just a few months after they coupled up in Italy.

Since that time, Byrne has appeared in leading roles in such award-winning films as Into the West, The Usual Suspects, Little Women, in which he played opposite Winona Ryder, Smilla's Sense of Snow, Polish Wedding, and his End of Days, in which he plays Satan opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Put pen to paper and authored Pictures in my HEAD in 1995."In vivid, cinematic sketches, he leads readers through his career from stage to screen and his current interests in diction and production, and shares his impressions of Hollywood, New York, and his native Ireland.

36 photos." Much less is known about an out-of-print tome by Mr.

You can put in your request for the video by faxing your name and address, along with a comment that you would like to obtain a copy of the video of the Evening with Gabriel Byrne to: (212) 247-0930. Montauk, whom I spoke with this morning, the video is being edited and until it is ready you will not hear anything from the IAC. When the order forms are set to go out (within the next few weeks), all who submitted names and addresses via fax will be contacted for credit card info.

Pam From the (American) TV Guide Insider: Sex for Men Gabriel Byrne believes that his upcoming ABC sitcom, Madigan Men, will be the male equivalent of HBO's Sex and the City -- but with less exposed flesh.


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