Garden lovers dating

Perhaps because they’re paying, people on the app definitely treat it more seriously.

Unfortunately there’s no way of searching by time or location so if you don’t go on the app straight away you may never be able to find that cute girl from Pret – in a big city you cross paths with so many people every day, so Happn can be a bit overwhelming. Match: Free app but membership costs £29.99 for one month Match feels like a step-up from the more casual dating apps in that the sign-up process takes a while and membership isn’t free – £29.99 for one month seems expensive, but the price per month decreases significantly if you sign up for longer (if you sign up for six months, it equates to £12.99 a month).

Tucked away deep inside Richmond Park, this stunningly beautiful garden, created in the 1830s, is a paradise of azaleas, rhododendrons and ornamental woodland.

An oasis of calm off the oft beaten track of the surrounding deer plains, this hidden gem oozes charm and romance.

It made a nice change to have lots of information about people including little quirky details.

The app claims to learn your tastes too, although it seems rare to start conversations.


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