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The dating partner may not respect the recovering addict’s position or the need to avoid relapse triggers, and may tempt him or her into dangerous situations such as going out to a bar.

Due to the desire to engage the person and further the relationship the recovering addict may go along against his or her better judgment and put him or herself into situations that can trigger relapse.

If you would like support for continued recovery or advice on socializing during recovery, please call our toll-free 24 hour helpline today.

Diseased thinking and tenuous self-esteem make them more likely to attract someone who is infatuated, controlling, addicted or unavailable than to achieve genuine intimacy.” A newly recovering addict may date someone who simply does not appreciate the nature of addiction and recovery or the struggles that the person has endured to get this far.We need to learn how to recover in all areas of our lives.We can become comfortable with ourselves without drugs.” The internet-based support forum for methamphetamine addicts, which bills itself as the “Anti-Meth Site” concurs stating, “You will go through a lot of tremendous change that first year.It is too easy to get wrapped up in the new person and lose focus on who your focus needs to be on: you.[It is] better to get to know you first, then go on to know someone else.” Dr.You can also look for friends among those who share a common interest such as sports or a hobby that you enjoy.


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