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The organization claims between 95 and 100 percent of hospitals in the city have no medicines at all in stock."If you’re sick and go to a hospital in Caracas, all you’ll get — if you’re lucky — is a bed and some saline solution," Gutierrez said following one of his regular visits to a hospital."There's no hope left in Venezuela; it’s getting harder and harder every day."The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) told NBC News that some medication — albeit not enough — is still arriving in Venezuela.Carabobo, according to MAVID, has the third highest death rate for people with HIV and AIDS in Venezuela.Advocates say children, young mothers and teenagers are among those needlessly dying because they haven’t been taking their medicines."I was diagnosed with HIV in 1998 when Venezuela had an AIDS program that was modern, well funded, with the best doctors in South America," Franco said.In 2012, there were 2,100 HIV-related deaths nationwide in Venezuela.So far this year, at least 1,600 patients have died in Carababo alone, a state that accounts for around 7 percent of the total population.

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There are 8,500 people with HIV in the coastal state of Carabobo in northern Venezuela, according to MAVID.

In Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, the situation is just as bleak as it is in Carabobo.

AIDS organizations in the city say 68 people with HIV have died between April and June."They hadn’t been seen by any doctors and died because of a lack of medicine, infections and starvation," Maurico Gutierrez, an LGBTQ advocate and social worker based in Caracas, told NBC News.

Eduardo Franco has lost count of the number of funerals he’s been to this year.

The last one was just a month ago in his home state of Carabobo in Venezuela.


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