Hot girls on wechat

It’s about mentality, and being culturally similar I think. So what do Chinese girls really want in a foreign man? How do you feel when foreign guys try to pick you up? If he’s not handsome, I will reply politely, but I don’t want to chat for long! C: ‘you are the most beautiful Chinese girl I’ve ever seen’ L: a guy once told me ‘women are happy after having sex with me, and I want you to be happy…’ Cringe. C: taller than 176cm, not too thin, muscles, clean, well dressed, polite.

A bit of fun with a blue eyed blonde, or something more? As for character, he has to be honest, smart, and have a stable job. So perhaps western guys in China don’t have it so easy after all.

Not too long ago we published a somewhat controversial blog titled Why Western Women Don't Date Chinese Men, with a few saying it was narrow. To be fair, we are offering opinions to our readers to give them something to think about as well as a debatable conversation amongst one another.

Then there are the girls who are interested in learning English, who want to hang out with foreigners. You can see them circling the foreign guys in bars, which can be a pretty big turn off. Well in China there are many apps like Momo, Scout and Badoo where you can find beautiful girls; you just pick a picture, say hello, then you can meet them. I would not pick up girls in a club or a bar – you won’t find good quality girls.

The best thing to do is to look around, but I think the best pick up technique is on the phone first.

We just hope you don't spend your whole time in China celebrating and you find a love that suits you.

It’s a question that clients often ask us at Nanjing Marketing Group.


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