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unfortunately for miley and jackson, she "cares" to excess, with underwear checks and forcing them to use musical rolling backpacks for school instead of regular backpacks.

but before she has the chance, he gets tired of wearing his overheating alien suit and breaks up with her.

stars: nancy o'dell as herself and mark hapka as austin rain.the two are good at the subject the other is not doing well in so decided to tutor each other, leaving rico and angus fighting.deciding to get her friends back together, miley makes a mini-indiana joannie movie that causes lilly and oliver to forgive each other and resume dating.guest stars: dylan sprouse as zack martin, cole sprouse as cody martin, brenda song as london tipton, debby ryan as bailey pickett and phill lewis as mr.returning home from filming her new movie, indiana joannie, miley goes to get changed but comes back and sees lilly and oliver kissing, leading her to realize that they are dating, but are keeping it a secret from her.: this episode premiered on ert (et1), disney channel greece and disney channel france on december 10, 2009, disney channel middle east on december 6, 2009 in the hannah montana marathon and disney channel uk on december 17, 2009.hayley chase, romi dames, david koechner, and cody linley all reprised their roles as joannie, traci van horn, uncle earl, and jake ryan in at least one episode.


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