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She needed brain surgery, but he warned her that due to the location of the bleed, she needed to be awake during the surgery.

He said there was a chance she could get her memory back from the surgery.

She later reappeared and although they loved each other, she slit her wrists and almost died, thus Alex was forced to have her transferred to a psychiatric facility.

Alex Karev found a semi-conscious pregnant woman crushed under a cement pylon, suffering from several severe injuries, after the ferry accident. He had to put her on her side to improve her circulation.

Addison was called in and she had to do a cervical cerclage. ("Scars and Souvenirs") Eventually, Mark Sloan presented Jane Doe with options for her facial reconstruction.

After they left, Alex had to break the news to her. ("Time After Time") Ava developed pre-eclampsia and the baby developed edema.("Drowning on Dry Land") She woke up after her surgery confused.She thought that Alex was her husband and they quickly realized that she had no memory of her life before the accident.("My Favorite Mistake") After her facial reconstruction was completed and the bandages off, they took some pictures of her to get them out.A couple (Joan and Frank Waring) came to the hospital thinking that Jane Doe was their daughter.Alex helped her with the decision by assigning each face a name and identity.


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