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The idea is that, not only was the attack fake in the sense that government, not 'Muslim terrorists' or 'homegrown terrorists', were responsible, but that the apparent victims were fake also, their roles, where necessary, being portrayed by 'actors', presumably working for the government.

The claim that 'crisis actors' were used in place of real victims has been made about the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, the more recent Boston marathon bombings and even the May 22nd knife attack on a British soldier in London.

Despite my efforts, (not that I ever expect them to make much difference) the 'terror attack actors' idea continued to gain pace and made a serious reappearance at the Boston Marathon bombings.

The main 'evidence' for 'actors' at the Boston marathon bombings centered around one of the victims, Jeff Bauman.

The problem with this theory is that it has no legs, so to speak.

A few days ago Jeff threw the first pitch at Red Sox game.If they had, they would have been quickly confronted with some rather implausible conclusions.For example, if Jeff Bauman was, as is claimed, an 'actor' who was already an amputee and was fitted with the bony prosthetics immediately after the bombing, how do we explain that none of his family or friends have spoken up and pointed out that Jeff couldn't have lost his legs in the bombing because he lost them several months or years ago?Bauman seems to have been associated with 'Team Stork' which appears to be a marathon running team made up of members of the Brigham and Women's hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School that is located in Boston.Here's an image of him with some Team Stork members.Within a month of the massacre, there were literally hundreds of Youtube videos and articles supposedly providing proof that the parents and neighbors of the victims were actually crisis actors and, therefore, the entire event was probably staged and no one was killed.


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