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The law doesn't take effect until September, but homeowners have already started breaking the crime-free agreements and renting to those previously not allowed, like Daniel Thresher, a registered sex offender who just moved into a designated crime-free property in Mesa."When I moved here and was flyered, the homeowners' association threatened to kick me out," Thresher said. According to the language of the law, the association can no longer impose a requirement on a rental property any differently than an owner-occupied one.As a result, there's nothing they can do about it, said Nick Fuller, a Go Daddy representative.However, officials did offer steps for users to take to improve their online security:• Regularly update software.• Install and update antivirus and anti-malware software.• Make sure your passwords are secure.• Be careful which websites you visit by sticking to reputable sites.

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However, others like Russell claim special interest groups have slipped in something that steals a homeowner's right to know who's living next door. "They've taken away the safety and the security of every HOA in the state of Arizona," Russell said.

"They won't know who's living next to them. "Basically any property manager, investor, private or other, can simply move in anybody to our community despite our rules and regulations that prohibit sex offenders, drug dealers, felons," Russell said. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, is the bill's sponsor.

"You as a property owner have that right to rent your property out, and nobody can stop you," Petersen said. He said his bill stops discrimination toward property owners.

It will take a life to write a million e-mails," the administrator said.

Go Daddy officials said that although the website's name is registered through its services, the site content is hosted elsewhere.


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