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"I lost a lot of money investing in penny stocks, but then I learnt...

I rarely do intra-day trades; am more of a long-term investor now.

One of the most common misperceptions in India is that women don't understand money matters. There are many out there who believe women make better stock investors than men.

"Women are way superior in controlling the emotions of greed and fear, the most essential ingredient for trading success," said Jimeet Modi, CEO of Samco Securities.

Well, that seems to be the case — at least anecdotally — as stock-talk and market chit-chat is fast replacing familial gossip on the dinner table in most urban homes in the country. Well, not actually the pudding that is laid on the dinner table, but 'Indian Trading League', a 'real cash' investment game organised by Samco Securities."These days we analyse companies and their businesses before investing." HDFC Bank and Axis Bank are Chethana's best stock picks.Gender stereotypes abound when it comes to finances.Her initial investment of `5,000 has grown to a six-figure investment portfolio."I've a set of friends who are active in stock markets. but now after suffering some losses, we've cut our risky positions," said Chethana.Deena Mehta, MD of broking firm Asit C Mehta Investments and one of earliest women investors in the country, has seen members of her tribe growing over time.


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