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I have three adult sons, and daughters who are 17 & 18, so I’ve had to give the subject a lot of thought.A few years ago I scoured the internet for ideas about courtship and dating, and was unable to find anyone promoting a view that I could entirely agree with.However, the amazing number of Christians I find praising this blog has, I feel, forced me to point out what I see as a number of fundamental flaws.

He is correct when he points out that exclusive dating is more dangerous than casual dating in this regard, but the model he promotes still includes exclusive dating, just not until you’re out of junior high.The very idea that the way one goes about finding a spouse will ensure a good marriage in the end is unsound.Neither is it logical to assume that the reason a marriage that was entered through courtship and ends in divorce failed because it was entered through courtship.In a nutshell, he claims that the modern idea of courtship is fundamentally flawed, and the best solution to the problems in that system is to switch to a system of casual dating.Now I agree with him on some points with regard to some problems with modern ideas about courtship.As for the promised lack of heartache, we can never expect to be free from heartache in a fallen world.


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