No dating for the batman

In the DC Comics/7555AD crossover, Batman/Judge Dredd: Die Laughing #6-7, a dimension jump mishap transports the Joker's disembodied spirit to Mega City One, where he meets Judge Death and the other Dark Judges and joins them as the fifth Dark Judge.While in this form (with his catatonic body back in Gotham), he can possess bodies like the other Dark Judges and his laugh becomes so powerful it causes several skulls to explode.

It 8767 s the kind of line typically written out of a first draft, but somehow, it was pedaled as a trailer moment.The idea behind the organization is that each country or region will have its own specific Batman, and will be funded by Bruce Wayne and his business empire.In the sequel Batman: Arkham City , the Joker is a secondary antagonist but near the end be comes the final and main antagonist, and one of the inmates to the then-recently created Arkham City.Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) proved Kilmer’s Batman to be even less dapper than his turtlenecked successor. Schumacher doesn’t even attempt to throw in a throwaway line explaining when or why they had time to make the swap, let alone how Batgirl has one despite joining the crew ten minutes before.Apparently dying Uncle Alfred was well enough to make one for her just in case. wanted a feature-length toy commercial, we don’t know what is.Wonder Woman enters the cell and tells Batman about what happened with Pandora and her box.


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