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While this site is meant to be a listing and not a critical or sociological discussion of the music, there are occasional commentaries, which stand to be corrected or debated, as well as comments by some artists about their tracks.A few non-music CDs have been included for their Antarctic content (theatre, recitation, comedy routines) but CD audio books have been generally excluded, with exceptions where the material was considered to be noteworthy.There are many recorded versions and listeners may find their individual tastes and preferences among the various issues.The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestras recording of this work in 1998 with conductor Kees Bakels, on the budget-priced NAXOS label, is a real bargain at a third of the price of some of the more expensive ones.To return to the questions at the beginning of this introduction, (What kinds of tunes and rhythms does the seventh continent inspire? ), based on this discography, the answer is, its everything and anything people bring from their own varied backgrounds.The music listed herein includes the beautiful, inspirational, comical, harsh and discordant to the outright boring.There is no need for ears to hear the fugues played on this ice organ. The range of potential experiences was much smaller than elsewhere, the opportunity for surprise much less.Here nature has set aside for man a domain of beauty and inspiration such as he cannot know elsewhere on this planet. Modernist literature was more inclined to follow Joseph Conrad into the Heart of Darkness than to pursue Robert Scott into the Antarctics Heart of Whiteness.

The two tracks are was originally written by Maxwell Davies for the National Association of Youth Orchestra, to be performed in Scotland in 2000, however the performance was postponed and the 21-minute, challenging piece was premired instead by Chethams Symphony Orchestra on this recording in 2001.Any additions and comments to the music listing are welcome.– Valmar Kurol, Montreal, Quebec, Canada ([email protected]) century composers, was later arranged into his Seventh Symphony, which premiered in 1953 and is still considered to be the mother of all recorded Antarctic music.The following is a consumers guide to recorded music that I have found over the past twenty years, now mainly through the Internet.There are very few themed discs devoted entirely to Antarctica, but there are now many CDs with individual songs entitled Antarctica or about The Ice.B) Boults original mono recording by the same orchestra in December 1953 was reissued in a collection of Vaughan Williams symphonies in 2002; Decca 4732412.


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