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Add "&Map Location=YOUR_COORDINATES_FROM_STEP1" to your URL (insert the coordinates from Step 1, no spaces and don't copy mine!!) Here's what mine looks like: additional sensors can be on any device and located anywhere and still send data to the same bucket.For example, you could have 10 different temperature sensors connected to 10 different types of single-board computers (Pi, Arduino, Beagle Bone, Edison) and have them all streaming data into your one hyper-local weather dashboard.Using a DHT22 sensor (setup instructions here and script here), we can record and visualize both temperatures simultaneously: The result reveals that the Sense HAT's reading is off by 5-6 degrees Fahrenheit pretty consistently.Adding the CPU temperature into the mix (with this script), first off shows that it is extremely hot, and second off reveals a sort of wave that the Sense HAT measurement mimics.Copy your coordinates (you will need them in step 2), and make sure you don't accidentally copy any extra characters from the URL.Click on the "settings" link under the bucket name in the bucket shelf. Copy the text in the API Endpoint section and paste it in your favorite text editor.

Instead, we will take this opportunity to show you a different way to send data into your dashboard.

After recording for about 24 hours, I solved for the factor using six different readings at six different points in time.

Averaging the factor values gave a final factor value of 5.466. You can just use the Wunderground API to get outside data if you're not concerned with having inside data.

We can easily add a map tile to our dashboard showing the location of our weather stream.

You can learn more about the interactive map view in tiles at


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