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A: The app talks directly to your company’s Group Wise Web Access server as if you were logging in to it from a browser. You should passcode lock your device so that people can not easily open the app and get access to your email.Make sure that the URL setting in the app is https, or the communication to the server will be insecure.If necessary, rerun Setup to place Notify in the user’s Startup group.The Group Wise client automatically fixes most problems it detects with archive databases each time it starts. The Home view is a new feature in the Group Wise® 7 Windows client. This functionality is being provided by your Web browser, not by the Web Access client.Consult your Web browser documentation for instructions on disabling this feature.

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And there are definitely a lot of people that use the app on many different devices.

So far there have not been any devices reported as not working properly with the app.

Please send an email to support if your device seems to not work with the app.

In addition, you can run GWCheck to fix more difficult problems the client can’t handle.

See The user performs an action in the Group Wise client but does not see the results of that action.


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