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Female model, ‘Ana’, appears at first to be a seemingly typical match.However as users scroll through the pictures, Ana morphs from an appealing date into a victim of trafficking.Some users were confused, thinking that the campaign was suggesting human trafficking was happening on Tinder.Others complimented the campaign as this was the first time they’d found out about trafficking – the goal of the campaign.

Dating violence can also include using social media and technology—including the Internet, social networking sites, phones, or text messaging—to harass, pressure, stalk, or victimize.Although campaigns like this have both very obvious wins and pitfalls, ultimately, they are the future of digital marketing.As more and more users engage with their content on mobile apps like Tinder, marketers need to find the right platform for their brand, and methods to effectively engage with their audience once there.At a glance, eightytwenty (the agency behind the campaign) did a few things right.They achieved global recognition: before this campaign, the Immigration Council of Ireland was relatively unknown. ◄◄ ►► If a bear chits in the woods does The Pope eat it? ◄◄ ►► If FTL travel is not possible, then why do people get cited for running red lights?


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