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Bugs Henderson splashes a warning on the inside sleeve for anyone who might not know the drill: "This is not elevator music. " There are no overdubs, no re-takes, and no fancy tricks on this live recording, captured on five consecutive nights in November 1994 in various ...

Not a Krautrock band, as the name and release date might suggest, Nitzinger's self-titled debut album from 1971 was in fact the work of a budding Texan guitar cult legend -- the one and only John Nitzinger -- and his namesake power trio, whose music consisted of eclectic but still blues-drenched Southern hard rock and post-psych.

I still see them periodically when fishing the river and/or flats.

Biggest I ever saw was in 98 while working for Wylie PD.

I think we're still two years from the next one." He cut a demo with some of the money from that job and used the rest to travel to Croatia. "He showed me a song doesn't have to be about a generic pace or rhyme scheme.

His Census earnings depleted and back in the States, Carll sought experiences of any sort that might yield a song about solitude or wandering. He got a break from Rex Bell at the Old Quarter in Galveston, who would make his stage available. Real simple personal details mixed with some wild random things, he just created his own style.

To express myself I needed to go where they went, either physically or psychologically. It's hard to write about being broke and beaten down when you're not.

"You hear all the comparisons with Townes (Van Zandt) and everything, but people don't always know that Townes was funny. "I just didn't really ever think about what I was doing there. But I didn't put it into a practical side; you know, what are you applying this to? He laughs off the suggestion there was a big signing bonus, saying any advance money went into his house.

But from a creative standpoint Carll got to audition producers ("speed dating," he calls it) and some of Nashville's best players trying to find the right sound. He jokes he's a "city name-dropper," but his use of place is deeper than that. It may not to some guy in Minnesota, but there's a smell and a taste and a vibe to Beamont that's special to that place.

Carll's deal was signed on the strength of his two previous recordings, but when he joined Lost Highway, he didn't have a single new song written. I try to give all these songs a setting, and for the most part they're about people who were a part of my life. For me it's not so much about the present but capturing the past before I forget it." Carll is diplomatic when he talks about growing up.

Besides some of the usual suspects, Henderson was able to welcome a dear old friend again, drummer Linda Waring a former bandmate of Henderson's with Nitzinger.

The extension of the band has made for an enriched sound different from the usual trio line-up. Popular or famous Bugs Henderson music songs: Audio Liner Notes, Honest I Do, Texas ballbuster, Skylight, Man Who Killed My Daddy, Suffle King, Blah Blah.


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