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Digging sticks were a major gardening tool once the land was cleared, and gardens usually fenced with wood or bamboo to keep out pigs.

Pottery Pottery was manufactured in the archipelago but was not widespread.

Stone mortars were made from river boulders on Nggatokae Island in the Western Solomons.There are also various styles of traditional currency or wealth (q.v. (Starzecka and Cranstone 1974; Burt and Bolton 2014) Tools Before the introduction of metal trade goods, Solomon Islanders' major tools were stone and clamshell axes, adzes and hammers.Blades and handles varied in size and shape for different tasks, such as canoe making, currency manufacture, tree clearing and general food production.Stone, shell, animal teeth, feathers, plants, clay, have all been utilised, but not metal before the introduction of trade goods in the nineteenth century: there was no smelting.Archaeological excavations have uncovered trochus (Trochidae) shell fragments and other decorated items dating back at least five hundred years.Overview This is a term used to cover the wide range of equipment, structures, and objects made and modified to enable human beings to survive in their environment, together with ritual, decorative or culturally and socially valuable items created as adjuncts to the provision for physical needs.


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