Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams dating again

With opening this weekend to glowing reviews and poised to do very well at the box-office (tracking to open to million plus, which would put it in the top 10 of October openings all-time), it seems like Ryan Gosling may have officially emerged from that gauntlet as bona fide.

You can’t go wrong in this pick: match it with a white cami top and heels for a simple outfit that’ll have people staring for all the right reasons!

Ryan Gosling sweetly took care of his daughter Esmeralda on Thursday, so that his hard-working babymama Eva Mendes could focus on modeling her latest New York & Company campaign.

The 36-year-old Golden Globe winner gave his privileged princess - who turns 3 next month - a piggyback ride through a Los Angeles park while also carrying their breakfast to-go.

The arc of his career (it feels funny to talk about the career arc of a 36-year-old, but here we are) has moved through initial hype, backlash, and now, much like the stages of grief, ends at acceptance.

Hollywood has offered him up, and America has acquiesced. While Gosling’s time spent on is more of an interesting footnote than the kind of star-maker it was for the Justins and Britneys of the world.


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