Safe predictable dynamic software updating

He also worked for three years at NICTA in Australia and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University, where he teaches a course in Dev Ops.

Recent developments in hardware, cloud and software technologies gave birth to the era of Big Data.

Fredrik Nordvall-Forsberg Postdoc in the Mathematically Structured Programming group at Strathclyde University, UKTowards a Presentation of General Higher Inductive Types Host: Bob Harper PM, Gates-Hillman Center- 6501 Evan Chang Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder Fissile Type Analysis: Modular Checking of Almost Everywhere Invariants Host: Karl Crary PM, Gates-Hillman Center- 6501lp Technische Universitat Dresden - Computer Science Department Why Operating-System Developers Write Barbaric Code and How to Verify It None the Less. Gates-Hillman Center - 6501 Sebastian Erdweg - Post Doc Technische Universitaet Darmstadt - Software Technology Group Modular and Automated Type-Soundness Verification for Language Extensions Host: Christian Kastner - CMU/ISR PM, Gates-Hillman - 6501Rustan Leino - Principal Researcher Microsoft Research, Research in Software Engineering Induction, Co-induction, Calculations - What's Not to Like About Dafny?

Dev Ops is a collection of processes intended to reduce the time between a code commit and placing that code into normal production.

Her new book “Conversations in Semiotic Engineering” came out in June, by Springer Verlag.

Karin serves in the ACM Practitioners Board, PMI-RJ Board, France Brazil, Grupo Editorial Nacional Board, and Innov Action Board.

She is a Director at the France Brazil Chamber of Commerce.Empirical research in software engineering has now had a long history, with the first ISERN/ESEM meeting held in 1993 and the empirical software engineering journal first volume published in 1996.Since then the community continues to struggle with both the use of theory in software engineering research and with the elucidation of alternative explanations, models, hypotheses and processes in the design of experiments and the analysis of data.During her tenure at the lab she oversaw the filing of over 50 invention disclosures at the US Patent Office, of which she is a lead inventor in 11.Karin is the author of over one hundred combined patents (Microsoft, EMC and Dell) books, and scientific papers.In this talk we will discuss this change from the Technological, Human, and Cultural perspectives and discuss the implications to the future of Software Engineering practice.


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