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Kristina was one of his latest favorites; a true masochist who dreamed of being a slave girl.

This was her fourth visit to the intimate basement dungeon.

As a talented photographer, he appreciated the finer points of composition, color and lighting.

He stroked his short beard for a moment, then adjusted the rolled up sleeves of his open necked black silk dress shirt.

AUTHOR'S INTRODUCTION TO: "SUBMISSION IN SEATTLE" Most erotic stories with an SM theme are set in distant times or places so that the reader can more easily enjoy descriptions of intense sexual behavior that would be unacceptable in his or her own society.

COPYRIGHT 1998: This story is copyrighted by the author, MB.

The warm, spacious, high ceilinged room resembled a photographer's studio.The creed of the modern BDSM culture is "Safe, Sane and Consensual".One might assume that erotic fiction which respects this boundary would be less arousing than the usual punishment/rape/enslavement SM tales that are found on the internet or in the erotica section of your local bookstore. To millions of television and film viewers, the standard symbol of BDSM is the stereotypical leather-clad professional Dominatrix. DELETE NOW IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO VIEW THIS TYPE OF MATERIAL."Submission in Seattle" adds a small dash of fantasy to a very real part of modern American society, the BDSM subculture.It was quite heavily constructed, with brass fittings where its thick wooden beams joined together.


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