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I even found the aggression somewhat of a turn on, as evidenced by the slight boner I was hiding. You look smart; what do you think your chances are of surviving a beating by me? I had the hottest roommate I could have asked for, but I was terrified of him. " "You'd better not request a room change, a different roommate. You switch out and I'll beat you so badly you'll wish you never came to college.

I guess that with me unconscious, he was satisfied I wouldn't be talking back anymore, so he had let go. He was in a frenzy; not that he normally cared about me, but at least when he was sober he realized killing his roommate probably wouldn't reflect well on him. He asked me "what the fuck did I just say" to him, and before I could apologize and beg for forgiveness, he had wrapped both of his big hands around my neck. Especially someone who looks like he could physically break me in half. I, I, I was just unpacking my stuff...," I managed. "I want this bed," he said, pointing at the one closer to the door... they did say the first roommate here got to pick- What the! I was flattened against my bed - HIS bed - and he had his right hand on top of my throat. Even though I'm shy, I don't usually take too kindly to being insulted, and tend to give it right back without thinking first. I don't know why, but I don't want to start by making my roommate mad. It was hard to be excited, though, when I was fearing for my life. His dark brown eyes and short black hair were gorgeous. I can already see the possibilities - someone to do my laundry, my homework, bring me food... Normally, I would be too nervous to do such a thing, but the fear that Nick will beat the shit out of me if I come home empty handed overrides that. He's already gotten physical with me a few times, but I haven't really gotten hurt... I have a tendency to get myself in trouble with my mouth. Before thinking, I had said something to the effect of "Why, are you helpless? He dropped his empty bottle and bolted toward me; he was on me before I could even put my arms up to block him (not that that would have helped).


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