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A person’s temperament is unlikely to be at the extreme edge of measurement in any one dimension i.e., there is a sliding scale of each dimension and each dimension can be present in varying amounts.

Therefore, someone can score high on the neuroticism scale and low on psychoticism (Boeree, 1998; Hollin, 1992).

Eysenck first postulated then documented that sociopathy in particular was correlated with high scores on all three of the personality dimensions of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire – extroversion (the opposite of introversion), neuroticism (the opposite of emotional stability), and psychoticism (psychopathy, not psychotic mental illness).

Eysenck argued that certain biologically based personality features, that are inherited, are more prone to antisocial behaviour when they interact with various socialization processes.

He further proposed that, combined with our autonomic and central nervous system characteristics, these biological factors affect our responsiveness to punishment and our predisposition for antisocial behaviour and experiences (Boeree, 1998; Hollin, 1992; Holman & Quinn, 1992).

If someone is classed as an extrovert, they are sociable, like parties, have many friends and prefer talking to people rather than being alone.

Extroverts like to take risks, they crave excitement and can act on the spur of the moment, thus they are generally fairly impulsive.


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