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As far as I am concerned Ford needs address these problems that I believe they have known about and I want to find out about starting a class action suit against them I am sure there are others out there have had these problems and this car company needs to be held responsible! The first problem was major electrical, many things malfunctioning including the CVT.On the second try, the Ford dealer replaced the wiring harness which solved the problem, under warranty. We just recently replaced the front brakes for the first time. I am SO disappointed and angry with Ford over the Freestyle and it's obvious design problems. I brought it to ford they said it was the mass air flow sensor, $ 414.00 4 days later it's doing the same thing. I just got off the phone with the service manager at the local Ford dealership and have an appointment to drop my 2006 Ford Freestyle off tomorrow for the same surging problem mentioned above. I need to check out the advice given above above regarding cleaning out the throttle body.The bearings in the C V Transmission went out 1, 500 miles ago, so the ford dealer told us. If Ford wants to continue it' new found domestic leadership role, it better take responsibility for this kind of crap they are selling. with no warranty left, the wrench light seems to be the kiss of death. Now they say it shows the transmission module is bad. I said, then I remembered having trouble with the automatic throttle up last winter, I had put some fuel system cleaner in the tank and the problem stopped. We purchased the extended warranty so fortunately we are still covered for another year. It would be great not to have to replace the transmission, throttle body, etc if some cleaning is all that is needed.We chose to have our CVT repaired instead of a completely rebuilt one. Ford dealer called 3 days later, couldn't get the old bearings out, needed to go with the rebuilt one. I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm not going to be quiet about it! Well guess what I put more fuel system cleaner in and it's been fine. My car is still surging when letting off of the brake. With that said, this is still a cause for concern that Ford should have.We also have 2006 Ford Freestyle with a similar problem. While maneuvering at parking lot speeds, engine surges.Causes the vehicle to try to run out from under you, almost hitting close objects. Ford dealer says it is a known throttle body problem and there is a large backlog of replacement you have any suggestions as to how i could go about doing this?also, if there are so many problems and issues with this throttle body, why hasnt it been recalled?

On that same vehicle the transmission has already had to be replaced!

Ford refuses to pay for any of the cost for the repair (when the part finally comes available! I don't have the luxury of leaving my car parked till November or incurring the cost of a rental car for that period of time.

As it stands my car is unreliable and, in my opinion, unsafe.

They told me it would be december this year before they can get the part.

Madison, GAI was just told by the Ford dealer that I also have a trottle body problem. If this a problem that is happening on all of these cars at the same time shouldnt Ford take care of this at there cost?


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