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An account of one woman’s view of the Delaware, having worked in the Baptist Mission from 1859-1864.

A description of the area around Leavenworth, Kansas giving to the Delaware Tribes by various treaties, and adaptation of the tribe to its new surroundings.

A descriptive narrative concerning the Delaware tribes in early Kansas, as seen by European-American settlers, Washington Irving, and newspaper articles.

“Constitution of the Delaware Squatter Association embracing all the laws passed by the Different Squatter Meeting From June 10, to Dec.

Laws of the Delaware tribe adopted by the Chiefs and Counselors in 1862 ranging from murder, rape, horse theft to marriage of a European-American man and disposal of property. An excellent overview of the some of the difficulties the Delaware tribes had with other tribes, the various treaties and cessation of land to the European-American settlers, and includes a map of the large area for a reservation of the Delaware to the final tract of land prior to the moving to the Oklahoma nation. Interesting from her perception of the methods used to assimilate the Indian into the European-American man’s world. Also includes some references to special monies given to Indians who became U. Interesting, shows the ever-diminishing Delaware lands. "Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881". Includes the need for the Indian Affairs Office to approve all transactions. “Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative to the Claim of the Delaware Indians for stock stolen from them by the whites since the treaty of 1854”. A letter pursuant to swift compensation for losses attained.


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