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Beautiful 2br 1bath Duplex w/full basement and many updates features: refinished hardwood floors throughout, fresh paint neutral, large living room dining room combination, vaulted ceiling's, updated kitchen with dishwasher and ceramic tile floor, updated bathroom with new ceramic floor, full private basement w/freshly painted the floor and walls, washer dryer hook ups, central air-conditioning, circuit breaker's and more. Student loans and medical bills are taken into account if credit score lowered due to these variables. Please note--MUST have a minimum credit score of 600 to qualify for the apartment.Always verify them with school administration before making any commitments relating to this property.

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Others explain the term as signifying "to be red", a sense which the root bears in various passages of the Old Testament (e.g. In this hypothesis the name would seem to have been originally applied to a distinctively red or ruddy race. 25) remarks that on the ancient monuments of Egypt the human figures representing Egyptians are constantly depicted in red, while those standing for other races are black or of some other colour. 25.) Some writers combine this explanation with the preceding one, and assign to the word adam the twofold signification of "red earth", thus adding to the notion of man's material origin a connotation of the color of the ground from which he was formed.Gigot's Special Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament , Pt. Suffice it to mention here that a similar repetition of the principal events narrated is plainly discernible throughout all the historic portions of the Pentateuch, and even of the later books, such as Samuel and Kings, and that the inference drawn from this constant phenomenon is confirmed not only by the difference of style and viewpoint characteristic of the duplicate narratives, but also by the divergences and antinomies which they generally exhibit.Be that as it may, it will be pertinent to the purpose of the present article to examine the main features of the twofold Creation narrative with special reference to the origin of man. i, ii, 4a) Elohim is represented as creating different categories of beings on successive days.It has been the custom of writers who were loath to recognize the presence of independent sources or documents in the Pentateuch to explain the fact of this twofold narrative by saying that the sacred writer, having set forth systematically in the first chapter the successive phases of the Creation, returns to the same topic in the second chapter in order to add some further special details with regard to the origin of man.It must be granted, however, that very few scholars of the present day, even among Catholics, are satisfied with this explanation, and that among critics of every school there is a strong preponderance of opinion to the effect that we are here in presence of a phenomenon common enough in Oriental historical compositions, viz.Thus in Genesis 2:5 , it is employed to signify a human being, man or woman ; rarely, as in Genesis , it signifies man as opposed to woman, and, finally, it sometimes stands for mankind collectively, as in Genesis .


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