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It may take time, but usually the problem goes away and it is easily solved.Very few cases will actually persist if diagnosis hasn’t been found or treatment has not been administered correctly.Treatment is usually successful and patients with fibroids do not need long term therapy.However, some fibroids may recur and hence women are advised to undergo annual check ups to look for any suspected signs of a relapse.

If a cancer has been diagnosed, it will require more testing to check for spread and metastasis and treatment will be tailored according to that. It is a treatable illness and most cases do heal with proper care.Women with painful menstruation (periods) are said to suffer from Dysmenorrhea.This is a condition requiring a Gynaecologist’s opinion.If left untreated, they may progress to a much more complicated scenario requiring open surgery.They are otherwise benign and do not turn cancerous.Your doctor will usually ask you to perform a Urine Pregnancy Test to check for pregnancy and rule out conditions that mimic pregnancy or that have a high Hc G (Pregnancy Hormone).


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