Steps in validating a questionnaire

Like PCA, CA can be complex and most effectively completed with help from an expert in the field of survey analysis.Step 6: Revise Your Survey The final stage of the validation process is to revise your survey based on the information you gathered from your principal components analysis and Cronbach’s Alpha.If you have a value lower than 0.6, some CA programs let you delete a question from the test to see if it improves consistency.If it does, you may want to consider deleting the question from the survey.Step 5: Check Internal Consistency Your next step is to review the internal consistency of questions that load onto the same factors.Checking the correlation between questions that load on the same factor measures question reliability by ensuring the survey answers are consistent.

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The first is a group familiar with your topic who can evaluate if your questions successfully capture your topic.

Once data is entered, your next step is to reverse code negatively phrased questions.

If respondents have responded carefully, their answers to questions that are phrased negatively should be consistent with their answers to similar questions that are phrased positively.

Suggested sample sizes vary, although about 10 percent of your total population is a solid number of participants.

The more participants you can round up, the better, although even a smaller sample can help you weed out irrelevant or weak questions.


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